Current trends in bio-sensor technology
The bio-sensor technology, measurements and techniques employed in the current Logisens products have been used and proven successful for decades in clinical and non-clinical fields. Examples are pain control (head, back), muscular rehabilitation, stress management, peak performance in sports and work and others. Logisens integrates these sensors and methods to work in a “go anywhere-be anywhere” environment, maximizing their impact and effectiveness. The technology can be applied to a wide variety of devices such as steering wheels, TV remote controls, mobile phones, game controllers, furniture and other everyday things.The current Logisens mobile bio-sensors are focusing on capturing “emotional response.” As this is what defines us as human beings, the applicability is literally endless. Stress and anxiety have a vast impact on health and wellness in general, but also on many other areas, for example: playing golf or other sports, taking tests such as SAT or similar, personal and business decisions, consumer purchases, the impact of new products or messages, etc. Logisens has focused its initial efforts on a very specific area -- stress in the office workplace. Most of the components and the value built into the current Optimal Office product have  been developed and proven over many years. All the exercises and techniques have been developed and applied in traditional training formats or in self-help books. The bio-sensors have been used for years in various hospital and clinic settings. Their impact on health, happiness and effectiveness has been demonstrated and proven.

Looking forward
Logisens’ mobile bio-sensors integrate the technology in a revolutionary new manner. Coupled with a new web 2.0 software platform, Optimal Office (and future solutions) make all of the above much more user-friendly, measurable, and more effective for individuals. Logisens is developing a capability to put these uniquely integrated technologies and benefits within easy reach of anyone who uses personal/portable electronic devices. One of the guiding principles of Logisens is to enable devices that are commonly used by individuals and NOT require the user to buy and utilize yet another single purpose device.

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