Logisens Presents Solution to Costs of Business Stress
at NIOSH Conference

Chris Stockinger, Logisens CEO and CTO, and Colleen Broersma, Director of Education and Training, presented the business case for the company's Optimal Office product at the NIOSH conference, September 10–11, 2007.

The poster demonstration, one of 60 at the juried exhibit, described a prospective cost benefit and ROI analysis based on three pilot studies, conducted in business and government office settings from 2004–2006, which highlight the impact of the product in the workplace through:

  1. Psychological factors including burnout, work stress, and job/life satisfaction
  2. Productivity
  3. User friendliness

The analysis further demonstrated cost savings projections based on published industry studies which include annual savings per employee:

  1. Turnover:          $321 to $846
  2. Absenteeism:    $89 to $235
  3. Productivity:      $2,941 to $4,923

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