Logisens Corporation is the inspiration of Chris Stockinger, an Austrian bio-medical engineer who has worked on bio-sensors in the medical and clinical environment for over 15 years. Mr. Stockinger’s dream is to help individuals achieve optimal health and avoid illness. His initial design made bio-sensors “mobile” so that people can use them in their daily lives. The first prototypes were tested with positive results and in 2004 a team of five people started what became Logisens Corporation.

Sales efforts in 2004 through 2006 resulted in a variety of successful projects with clients in various areas including claims processing, general office, telephone dispatching, and engineering/SW design. The resulting studies form the backbone of understanding of the effects of the technology in the workplace.

In 2006, Logisens won the APEX Award from the Colorado Software and Internet Association for the most Innovative Technology of the Year.


An English and a German version of the flagship product Optimal Office have been developed.

The Bio-Web Technology has been presented in several University settings.


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