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Workplace Solution to Help Lower the Costs of Stress

Companies are challenged to find health interventions and programs that can deliver a solid return on investment in addressing specific workplace cost concerns: healthcare, absenteeism, turnover, productivity, etc.

Now Logisens introduces a revolutionary new technology to meet those challenges. The new Optimal Office™ system enables employees who use computers to learn to manage stress (the cause of 60–90% of illness**) and improve productivity, unobtrusively, while they work.

Optimal Office™ pilot testing programs have demonstrated impressive results in qualitative measurements such as decreases in burnout, and expressed improvements in life and job satisfaction. An analysis of prospective cost benefits based on company-furnished data, industry and governmental research studies and Logisens pilot programs projects similar favorable cost savings available when
implementing Optimal Office in the corporate workplace.

**American Family Physicians Association and American Institute of Stress.

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