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Timely Information About Workplace Wellness
The main purpose of employee or worksite health promotion (WHP) programs is to improve the health and productivity of employees and reduce their health-related costs. This is accomplished primarily by helping change the pattern of lifestyle and behavioral choices of individuals in the group.

A recent Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) report noted, “…health and productivity is the only viable model for the future of employer-based health benefits. The medical cost model that still predominates in the thinking of most corporate benefit and human resource managers simply is too expensive for employers to sustain—and its outcomes are inadequate, as well. If all they can think to do is try to contain medical costs. They are fighting a losing battle against relentless demographic and technological trends.

The “cost crunch” either will drive employers out of health care—or into health and productivity.*



* “The Power of Productivity: Absolute Advantage,” 2003, Wellness Councils of America

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